Charlie Moore Online Training

Next session 4/30/20 @ 7pm

Train with retired U.S. Marshal, Charlie Moore in the comfort of your home. Join us for our next session via Zoom. This is a live webinar with participant interaction, not just a recording.

Topic for this session:

Learning the fundamentals to close quarters shooting.

Proper body mechanics and position.

Working angles and corners while engaging the threat in confined spaces.

Equipment/Gear Requirements

*Weapon (SAFE-SAFE-SAFE. NO AMMO or AMMUNTION SOURCE) or a training weapon if same as your EDC

*Concealed Carry Method (the one you use the vast majority of the time, not the one that makes it easier while seated) holster and clothing

*Place use a wall corner. (can be a fake wall/curtain)

*Zoom app (it's free)

*Pre registration is required with correct email (we will be emailing log in info day of session)

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