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Beyond The Range 2:

"The Art of the Draw"

Location: Beyond The Range

Cost: $99

Course length: 4 hours

Pre-Requisites: Basic firearm shooting and handling skills.  Recommended to have taken USCCA Intro to handguns, but not required

NO PISTOL PERMIT required.  

The first step beyond target shooting. Drawing from concealment is difficult under pressure and can cost you your life.  Get comfortable with techniques without the concern of injury to yourself or others.  Learn how to move to cover or concealment, manage reloads and shoot around objects.  


Requirements for course:

>Basic firearm handling and shooting skills

>18 and over (or 16 and over when accompanied by an adult)


Topics to be Covered:

>Firearm safety

>Review Basic shooting skills, stances, breathing, etc.

>Drawing your weapon from concealment standing and seated positions

>Dressing for success when carrying concealed

>Magazine reloads

>Shooting with non dominant hand

>Protecting your weapon and creating distance

>Shooting around objects and different directions

>Moving and shooting

>360 scan

What to bring:

> Pants/shorts with a belt.

> Dry sneakers for training if wet outside.

> Water bottle

> You may wish to wear a t shirt under your regular shirt since we will be working on your draw from concealment exposing your stomach.

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