Civilian Tactical Handgun Training
With Retired u.s. marshal 
Charlie Moore

Our training is geared toward providing the civilian handgun owner with the necessary skill sets to enable them to defend themselves or others when threatened with imminent or immediate serious bodily injury or death, which is the accepted legal standard for using lethal force across the United States. These programs will address the tactical considerations necessary to effectively and efficiently employ justified lethal force in a civilian context. The following programs are currently available, and you must attend Session One in order to attend Session Two.

SESSION ONE: The Fundamentals of Tactical Handgun 

Friday, August 7: 5:00-9:00


This session focuses not only on the tactics needed to effectively and efficiently employ lethal force but also on applicable state law, from where articulation comes from to justify using lethal force in the defense of yourself or others. The vast majority of handgun courses spend massive amounts of time on target shooting techniques and punching paper but little, if any, on studying applicable state use of force law standards one must meet in order to be justified in utilizing deadly force. Many recent cases here in the United States bring to bear the extreme importance of learning both aspects - tactics and justified use.

Covered in this session will be:

  • Grip (tactical vs range)

  • Functional Shooting platforms

  • Accessing your weapon from concealed carry

  • Weapon manipulation skills

  • Weapon retention

  • Flashlight skills for lowlight application

SESSION TWO: Reality-based Scenario Training

Saturday, August 8: 2 class times available = 9am-1pm or 2:00-6:00


This session is one of our most popular training session, taking all the tactics and skill sets learned in Session One and putting them into real-life action. One of the major differences between shooting on the range and the use of a handgun in a real-world self-defense situation is STRESS!!! and the effects of massive amounts of adrenal stress on the human body, which, in turn, affects how we perform. There is no time more important to perform at your peak level of skill then during a life-threatening event. This course will train you in just that: responding effectively and efficiently under adrenal stress. Session Two utilizes the very same training methods as most top-tier law enforcement officers and agencies, including role players and non-lethal training cartridges. There is no better way to train for an event than the event itself - or as close as you can safely get - and that is exactly what we do in Session Two. If you truthfully want to "take the range into reality," then this course is for you!


Sunday, August 9: Still waiting for confirmation and details. 

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