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Reality Check

Location: Beyond The Range

Cost: $175 (+$50 for additional family member)

Course length: 3-4 hrs

Pre-Requisites:  NO PISTOL PERMIT required, however, basic firearm handling skills are recommended.

Time to test your skills! Reality Check puts participants under pressure during live scenario training while using airsoft firearms. Our approach to training is centered on the principle of replicating real world conditions. This concept can be applied in the simplest of training tasks to the most complex of scenarios. 

Different scenarios will be done each class. Contact us to see upcoming scenarios or let us know if you have a specific one you would like to do.


Bring a family member to participate and practice your personal protection plan for better results. A family member is encouraged to attend to get an understanding of their roles in a critical situation.  Too many times, the family protector has a plan, however family members are unaware of it causing challenges during real life encounters. If an additional family is attending, only 1 member will be the defender while other one will be in scene as a family member.  Family members can change roles for 2nd scene if desired.

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