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Beyond The Range 3: (CTT2)

Location: Beyond The Range

Cost: $150

Course length: 3-4 hrs

Pre-Requisites: Must have attended BTR 2



BTR 3 takes your skills even further.  Moving while shooting, shooting around obstacles and shooting from different positions are important skills needed for self protection.  Train drills that are not allowed on “live” ranges due to safety. 


This course covers: 

>Firearm safety

>Protecting your weapon and creating distance

>Shooting around objects ​

>Shooting from different platforms (positions)

>360 degree scan

>Getting off the "X"

>Moving for cover or concealment

>Basic room clearing


This will be a 3 -4 hour course and will offer plenty of practice time, training and simulation training. 

Requirements for course:

>18 and over

What to bring:

> Pants/shorts with a belt.

> Dry sneakers for training if wet outside.

> Water bottle

> You may wish to wear a t shirt under your regular shirt since we will be working on your draw from concealment exposing your stomach.

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