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New York State Basic Pistol Safety Course (for Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson and Madison Counties)

Location: Shooter's Haven

Cost: $50

Course length: 4 hrs

Pre-Requisites:  21 yrs of age


This course is held at Shooter's Haven and registration is required through their website.  Click the link above to find course schedule and to register


This course is generally taught by 2 Instructors.

We offer the 4 hour NYS Basic Pistol Safety Course.  This covers all the requirements for your pistol safety course in New York State.  Basic identification of firearms, parts, ammunition, safe handling, storage and cleaning as well as the Article 35 “Use of Force” are taught.  Our course is approved for Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson and Madison Counties.

Some facts about your pistol license;

  • Your pistol license is not good in all areas of NY, you need to know where you can go.

  • Stores that have “no-gun” policies do not carry the weight of law in NY.  Store policy does not supersede State Law however they may ask you to leave.  You may carry there however if asked to leave you must.

  • Your NYS License is good in approx. 27 states and is an unrestricted license (regardless of your restrictions here) in the states you legally travel to.  Check the laws as many states have open and concealed carry both and you must follow the law in those states.

  • If you receive a sportsman license you may reapply for an unrestricted and we suggest doing so (add other courses to your resume before doing so).

  • You must carry your license at all times.

 Cost for this course is $50.00.

*We do not offer refunds.  Any payments made can be used for Course Credits except for the PA trip and any trip traveling out of town.  These are special interest Courses and take special planning (changing days, making resources available, etc…).

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