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Self Defense and Weapon Defense Classes

Location: Impact Martial Arts: Cicero NY

Cost: Varies

Course length: 2 hrs 

Pre-Requisites: none

Learn simple, effective, and easy to remember self defense skills.  Each month we will be covering various topics and skills.  Depending on topic, cost and time length will vary.  We also offer corporate classes at our facility or yours.  Some of the topics include:

  • Active Shooter Defense Strategies

  • Defenses for various grabs

  • Ground Defenses

  • Edged Weapon Defenses

  • Handgun Defenses

  • Long Gun Defenses

  • Striking Defenses

These classes are participation style class, so wear proper clothing, sneakers and bring a water bottle. 

To view upcoming topics click "Upcoming Classes" to see info, dates and times.

Upcoming Class Topics

Saturday January 13, 9am:   Self defense against various grabs while standing.  This class will cover common attacks as well as teach striking skills. 

Saturday January 13, 11:30 am: Edged Weapon Defenses.  Learn to defend, control, and disarm various attacks with edged weapons.  

Saturday February 10, 9:30 am: Ground Defenses.  Most fights end up on the ground. Are you prepared? Learn to escape bad positions and gain control. 

Saturday February 10, 11:30 am:  Gun Defenses.  Learn to defend, control and disarm against handguns.

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